Graduate Instructor, Cornell University: Fall 2012

This semester (Fall 2012) I am teaching a Freshman Writing Seminar in the Department of City and Regional Planning. The Writing Seminar explores cultural heritage sites and landscapes around the question of “Whose Heritage Is It?”. I spent the summer of 2012 designing the course and attending a 6-week workshop on being an effective teacher of writing.

Course Description: Colonial Williamsburg, Chaco Canyon, Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu: all cultural heritage sites, all carrying different meaning for different people. Why and how? This seminar will look at cases like these from across the world and explore ideas of how cultural heritage is perceived differently not only geographically but within the same cultures as well. We will begin with a general exploration of concepts of cultural heritage, trying to identify how different people interpret heritage using popular, policy, and research literature. Subsequent weeks will feature case-specific readings and visual material that will bring to light thought- provoking issues. Students will write personal essays investigating various aspects and issues of cultural heritage and heritage tourism to form arguments for coherent and incisive discussions.

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